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The leading player of the toy market

REGIO TOY started out as a small toy and gift shop over two decades ago. The company has become a wholesaler and later has grown into a nationwide retail and wholesale network.

Nowadays, with 25% market share REGIO TOY is the market leader and the largest retail chain of toys in Hungary. The most important person in the history of REGIO TOY is the founder József Gyaraki, who is currently the CEO. It is worthy to say that REGIO JÁTÉK is still a family business: József Gyaraki founded the small shop with his wife and today the national network is also headed by the Gyaraki family. 

Each of the 34 shops of REGIO JÁTÉK are open to retail and 9 stores also operate as wholesale. The webshop has opened in 2006 and is growing in turnover dramatically in the last few years. As a result of dynamic developments REGIO JÁTÉK emloys nearly 450 people and the turnover amounted to 10.5 billion HUF (over 30 million euros) in 2017.