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The beginningsREGIO TOY Kft. is Hungary's leading retail and wholesale toy retailer and wholesale distributor.
The company, which is still a functionate as a family business, started out in the late 1980s and became a dominant player of the traditional toy market.

Before the change of regime, the founder and CEO of REGIO JÁTÉK rented a game and souvenir shop with his wife.
József Gyaraki, a graduate of engineering at that time, took business and moral experiences from the operation of the small shop, which are still the basis of REGIO JÁTÉK.

In 1990 they opened their toy wholesale store. The company grew rapidly and quickly took over the market of a competitor who until then was a sole market participant.


Log in to the retail business

In 1993, wholesale-only REGIO Toy at that time has made an important decision: 
REGIO JÁTÉK (REGIO TOY) opened its central store in Budapest, where it launched retail business alongside the wholesale. The decision paid out; since 1996 REGIO TOY started building a nationwide network and today most of the turnover comes from retail sales.


Online penetration and nationwide networking

With the expansion of the online world, players of the toy market also had to compete. In 2006 REGIO JÁTÉK launched its webshop, which serves both individual buyers and retailers as well.

The network in 2008 had already had 6 stores and in the following six years it expanded with another 8 stores.
In 2014 after the aquisition of former competitors Gulliver and Bambini toy networks, REGIO JÁTÉK has become the leader of the classical Hungarian retail toy market. 

2014 was not only about opening new stores, REGIO JÁTÉK also tightened up with its trading partners: became a selective wholesale partner in Hungary of LEGO and acquired the sales rights of will known brands like SES, SIKU, Totum, Ravensburger and Disney plushes.

REGIO JÁTÉK is 100% Hungarian-owned till today, so it's a great thing to say that it is a market leader with 25% market share among traditional toy vendors. In 2017 net sales amounted to 10.5 billion HUF (30 million euros).

The REGIO TOY store network is growing steadily, currently there are 34 stores throughout the country showing the expertise of REGIO JÁTÉK, which has gained more recognition in recent years: in 2016, the Bisnode AAA certificate was awarded the second time as recognition of its financial stability, in 2016 and 2017, the company received the Magyar Brands award in the Excellent Consumer Brand category. The shops at Törökbálint and Csömör won the SuperStore prize in the „specialist shops – non-FMCG” category. 

In 2017 REGIO JÁTÉK opened a logistics center of more than 10,000 square meters, located in the shopping mall at Törökbálint ont he outskirts of Budapest.

In 2018 the company renewed his webshop: 


TimelineThe history of REGIO JÁTÉK started in 1990 with the opening of our first store in the city of Pécs.

Over the next two decades REGIO JÁTÉK has developped rapidly to become the largest toy specialist chain in Hungary, despite harsh competition from other local toy specialists on the market.

We finally aquired our main competitors in 2014. In 2017 we opened our 34th store on the outskirts of Budapest with over 10,000 m² storage capacity.


  • 1990

    The beginning – opening of the first REGIO JÁTÉK store (Pécs)

  • 1993

    Opening of our Budapest Central store

  • 1996

    Starting the nationwide wholesale store network (Miskolc, Debrecen)

  • 2006

    Lauching our innovative webstore

  • 2008

    Building out the countrywide retail store network by opening 6 new stores and further expanding with 8 stores until 2014, reaching 20 stores all together

  • 2014

    Selected wholesale partner of LEGO and acquisition of leading brand licences like SES, SIKU, Totum, Ravensburger, Disney

  • 2014

    Opening of 12 new stores by acquiring Gulliver and Bambini former competitors

  • 2017

    New logistic center and store in Törökbálint, reaching a nationwide network with 34 toy stores