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For institutions

REGIO’s wholesale business in Hungary offers the largest selection of goods in the game segment. We represent well known global brands for every age group from nursery, to kindergarten through schoolchildren of all ages. In addition, we have our own productions, including swings, sandboxes, shuttlecocks, winter sports equipment, Bob sledges and slides.

Hungary’s largest product range

  • International and domestic brands
  • Self-made products
  • Outstanding Quality
  • Personalized conditions
  • Support tenders

We prepare our offers taking into account deadlines and the specific needs of each institution. We can undertake the production of products, arrangement of financing and guarantee the timely delivery of every order.

If your institution would like to purchase indoor and outdoor games, sports articles, free tools from funding provided by a tender, our experienced colleagues can assist you in the selection of products and offer unique discounts.

Our team has an outstanding experience in writing applications for development tenders. Following a number of successful applications for such funding, we offer assistance and undertake the full execution of development projects for our prospective partners.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.